Scope of work

Administrative department of General administrative and technical services

Administrative department of General administrative and technical services is dealing with expert, advisory, IT, administrative and accessory-technical tasks for the needs of the County.

Department is assigned the activities of the registry office, archive, employment issues, legal-proprietary issues, tasks related to representation of the County, assets management comprising all County assets and the assets of its respective budgetary beneficiaries, issues related to economy and planning, allocation of work to all administrative bodies of the County, civil protection services, natural disasters, safety at work, fire protection and cooperation with Croatian Homeland War veterans.

It issues decrees upon appeals lodged against decrees issued in the matters within the competence of this Administrative department.

The Department is also in charge of cooperation with state administration authorities, jobs related to regional development, inter-regional and international cooperation, information and advertising activities, sponsorships and auspices, activities providing for the cooperation of the County with citizens, institutions and local administration units.It is also engaged in tasks aiming at cooperation with councils and representatives of national minorities. Department further performs all other activities which are not specifically assigned to other County administrative bodies. It monitors the realisation of the budget revenues from its competence and undertakes measures for their enforced collection. Monitors and participates in the implementation of EU projects within the scope of its competence.